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"Edward Allan Baker is the real thing, a hard hitting East Coast playwright, with a firm command of the issues of the day."
--John Patrick Shanley
(Pulitzer Prize Winning Playwright)

what's so beautiful about a sunset over prairie avenue?
"Edward Allan Baker has written a play that deserves to be called an authentic work of art. Mr. Baker is a master of verisimilitude; he has an admirable ear. I found it exhilarating, and I am determined to see it again."
--Brendan Gill, New Yorker, April 1980

"Baker is a vigorous talented writer, and his play [Prairie Avenue] contains ample evidence of the kind of excitement the theater needs."
--Los Angeles Daily News, 1981

"In North of Providence, Edward Allan Baker takes a painful domestic crisis and transforms it into a one act play of emotional depth and conviction. An exemplar of the one act art."
--Mel Gussow, NY Times, 1985

Up, Down, Strange, Charmed, Beauty, and Truth
"Edward Allan Baker tells a wrenching story of loves found and lost, of broken hearts and betrayal. Mr. Baker's play inflames the scarred tissue of family relationships already torn and raw from the chaos of life."
--Lawrence Van Gelder, NY Times, June 1999

"Edward Allan Baker's powerful one act play digs deeply into the complexities of family issues and consequential patterns. Up, Down, Strange, Charmed, Beauty and Truth delivers gasp-inducing rawness from beginning to end."
--Time Out New York, Critics Choice
NY International Fringe Festival 2007

"There isn't a moment or line wasted in Edward Allan Baker's 45 minute, one act play, Up, Down, Strange, Charmed, Beauty, and Truth. From the beginning, intensity drives the characters to act as they do until they have no choice but to leave...or stay, depending on the character. They are all trying to build lives based on some basic dreams."
--NY Theatre/Fringe Review, August 2007

"Edward Allan Baker's Face Divided is the most interesting of one-acts. It is another street-smart study by this chronicler of the stresses in working class relationships.
--Mel Gussow, NY Times, June 1991

"[Face Divided] Working class characters have become a rare species on the American stage, and Baker captures their rhythms with attention and compassion."
--San Francisco Fringe Festival, 2000

"Edward Allan Baker's Mafia on Prozac, a pair of hit men owing more to Tom Stoppard than to Mario Puzo."
--Peter Marks, NY Times, May 1997

"Edward Allan Baker sustains a wry, absurd tone in the gangsters' casual use of talk show psychology, his wit is reinforced by his superb trio of actors."
--NY Daily News, May 1997

"Fantastic Fringe debut for this thought-provoking piece by Edward Allan Baker. Because of the tenderness and bittersweet comedy of the story and language, Lila On The Wall is a real gem of the Fringe theatre. Well worth seeing!"
--The Edinburgh Guide, August 2005

"Lila On The Wall runs along the familiar lines of 'idiot savant enters the life of hardened cynic and restores his/her faith in humanity' but it's also a stirring little fable. That the play turns out inspiring rather than maudlin is partially due to the strength of the punchy, honest writing..."
--Maya Cantu, Broadway World, June 2006

"...Rosemary With Ginger, a spicy domestic blood bath that plays like a gender-reversed retread of Sam Shepard's True West."
--L.A. Times, June 2004

"Edward Allan Baker's A Dead Man's Apartment is a hilarious farce about a Providence couple having a noon-time affair. They seem dimwitted and crude, but in fact both have rather shrewd instincts, which Baker delineates with great storytelling skill."
--NY Daily News, May 1995

"A Deadman's Apartment by Edward Allan Baker suggests a contemporary, blue-collar equivalent of boulevard farce...has an infectiously high adrenaline quotient, some inspired moments of salty absurdism..."
--Ben Brantley, NY Times, May 1995

"Edward Allan Baker's American Storage manages to incorporate dramatic threads about self-image, artistic expression, emotional repression, and psychological disorders into a challenging, thought-provoking work..."
--Talkin' Broadway, November 2003

"Lady of Fadima by Edward Allan Baker, a harrowing account of the perpetuation of abusiveness."
--Alvin Klein, NY Times, May 1989

"Baker's writing is delicate and sensitive - he has the unique ability to create situations and conversations that are both humorous and disturbing."
--Beyond Broadway, August 1998

"[Dolores]...is constructed so adroitly and the work is so telling that the spectator gets the sensation of being in the room..."
--Backstage, May 2009

"There is an exuberant creativity in Edward Allan Baker's The Framer...make[s] the dysfunctional family in August: Osage County look pretty tame by comparison."
--Theater Mania, June 2008

"Baker, with a talent for good old-fashioned storytelling and a flair for robust humor, turns it all into some two hours of totally arresting theatre...[The Framer]...entertaining, seething stew of domestic drama."
--Backstage, June 2008

"Dear Edward Allan Baker:
I read North of Providence with my usual interest in your work, and I'm happy to see that your ear is as good as ever (you and Mamet!), that your characters live and breathe right on the page, and that - as they wrote years ago about another playwright I admire - you breathe fire into the smoking embers of naturalism.
Regards, Edward Albee"
--April 26, 1986

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